A Review Of Bernardo Chua’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Bernardo Chua is a revered entrepreneur. He is an authority in the competitive direct sales industry. In the last decade, Chua spent most of his time introducing people to benefits of ganoderma.

Over the years, he has been incorporating the herb in tea, coffee and other products. He started marketing the product while he was still in Philippines through Gano Excel.

After achieving much success with the company, Bernardo was promoted to serve as the president of Gano Excel in USA. He is credited for making the North American market to appreciate and use ganoderma.

The poly pore mushroom has been used in Asia for a long time. Owing to his Chinese heritage, Chua was able to understand the merits of using ganoderma at a young age. Bernardo was one of the first people to promote the product through coffee and tea outside Asia.

He contends that the direct selling model appealed to him most, as it enabled him to grow his business quickly. It is through this business model that Bernado Chua was able to expand Gano Excel’s operations to the global market.

Notably, Bernardo Chua ranks as one of the successful entrepreneurs in the vast Pacific Rim. In his long and illustrious career, Chua has been honored with different awards. They include the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry.

In addition, the shrewd businessman has been honored with the “Direct Sales Company of the Year” award on five different occasions. Moreover, his corporation, Organo Gold, was ranked as the leading direct selling company.

Organo Gold engages in active marketing of ganoderma. The company is headquartered in Canada. The country has tough laws on how business should operate and how food is produced. Over the years, Bernardo Chua has been working closely with the leading producers of organic ganoderma in the planet. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:  https://ca.linkedin.com/in/bernardo-chua-b96b54aa

To this end, he is able to provide his clients with quality products without increasing the price tag. Moreover, Chua has been funding ganoderma-related research. This way, Organo Gold has a competitive edge when new uses or breakthroughs are discovered.

Through Organo Gold, Bernardo continues to educate people on the merits of using the herb. Presently, the company has more than one million distributors around the world. Notably, Chua uses his twitter account to interact with his clients and the public.