Accolades of Jeremy Goldstein

It is easier than ever to get lawyer services in the New York area. I mean it was already pretty easy, but is has become easier now that the New York State Bar Association has partnered with to connect prospective clients with the appropriate lawyer via an online portal. Initially this service was only available through a telephone service. The New York State Bar Association closely monitors each lawyer to see if they’re in good legal standing. They then make them a member of the New York State Bar Association and available to match as a lawyer who can offer services to clients. This technology that the New York State Bar association has developed in is partnership with


The service is very easy to use and has been for over 35 years. The person looking for a lawyer simply fills out an online form and then is matched with an attorney who practices nearby. The form is then looked at closely by the New York State Bar Association who then forwards the information. The service is free up until you go past the referral process or after you choose to go on with services after the initial consultation. Those seeking consultation are not obligated to go on with the lawyer’s services.


The service has helped both lawyers and clients for years. And now their new portal has only made things easier. Law practices are growing as more clients are being helped through the service.


Jeremy Goldstein is partner and founder of Jeremy Goldstein and Associates. Jeremy Goldstein has a J.D. from New York University. He also has a M.S. from Chicago University.


Jeremy Goldstein is famous in the lawyer world for corporate acquisition. He has played a part in the acquisitions of many businesses you’ve probably been a customer of. Goldstein is also a member of the Professional Advisory Board of NYU.


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Jeremy Goldstein’s Dedication to Ethical and Social Responsibility

If you live in New York you’re looking for a great lawyer, there’s some great news for you. A new online service is available at, where you can get expert referrals to connect with an attorney. Sponsored by the New York Bar Association, the service is designed to make a more streamlined process. The previous telephone referral service could require multiple calls and could have to repeat the same information several times over. After a reviewer finds a suitable match, they’ll schedule a consultation for a charge of $35 in most cases. The process is designed to reduce the amount and money spent to locate an attorney. The attorney also benefits by getting a head start with your information and reduces their advertising budget. Should you have a more localized service or are in need of legal aid, those resources should continue to be utilized.


In the well-saturated field of law, there’s one attorney who sticks out from the crowd. Jeremy L. Goldstein is an experienced corporate attorney who runs his own practice as a partner. Coming from another prestigious firm, Goldstein is able to focus on the areas that interest him the most and yield the most successful results. Corporate law can be a tough and demanding field requiring much experience, which Goldstein clearly has. He’s handled not only topics like wage negotiations but also mergers and acquisitions for some of the country’s largest corporations. He’s also advised business and law students on how to handle such matters, clearly standing out as an expert.


Not only has Jeremy Goldstein handled huge cases, he dedicates his time and devotion to charity work as well. Being the director for nearly a decade, his involvement in helping those with mental illness is certainly an admirable cause. He’s also worked with larger and more well-known charities, also in a leadership capacity. Not only does Goldstein use his skills to help in the legal and business arena, but also helping those in need with little to no resources.

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