Unapologetically, Doe Deere

“I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you!” – Doe Deere, CEO, and Founder of Lime Crime


Doe Deere is a beauty rebel leaving a bold sparkly mark on the cosmetics industry. Legally named Xenia Vorotova, Doe Deere, was born and raised in Russia before moving to the Big Apple (New York City) in 1998. She moved there when she was only seventeen years old in pursuit of being a musician. Her time playing music as part of a band was where she gained most of her knowledge of careers and marketing but she didn’t stop there. Alongside being an aspiring musician, she also majored in Fashion Design at FIT, giving her insight into the fashion world.


By 2008 Doe Deere had created her own fashion line and started selling online. She used herself as a model for her clothing and was in search of some bright makeup colors to complement her designs. When her findings failed her, she began creating her own. Her rebellious styles started to catch the attention of others but it wasn’t the product she had expected. They saw more passion in her makeup than the clothing. So she decided to sell eyeshadows, blush, glitter, primers, and fine brushes to start. What began as a DIY eBay store, launched a worldwide beauty brand called Lime Crime.


Now today, a native of Los Angeles with the title “Unicorn Queen” (as the unicorn is the cosmetics mascot), Doe Deere has successfully created, not only a line of beautifully crafted cosmetics but ones that are also cruelty-free certified and vegan. Her brand offers an array of eye-shadow palettes, loose pigments, rainbow-colored liquid liners, nail polish, glittery lip gloss and “criminally coveted” lipsticks that allow you to be “unapologetically you”.


Doe Deere has been named as one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs by Self-Made Magazine and we can definitely see why. She has given a way for girls and boys to make a statement with makeup artistry by designing a rainbow of colors to dive into. Like the beauty line’s mascot, the unicorn, Lime Crime accentuates rare beauty, individuality, and compassion for life. Doe Deere is an inspiration for anyone to always be themselves and that it doesn’t matter where you come from, with big dreams and hard work, you can be anything your heart desires. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/


Movie Sponsors- Boraire Development

The Provident Bank Foundation together with Boraie Development made the summer one of the most interesting ones. The two organizations and the state Theater made an announcement about the return of free movies as well as series in the theater. The firms organized the movies which were featured in the series and the days they fun will watch. The movies were arranged as follows; July 12 Frozen, the Extra-Terrestrial (E.T) on July 19, July 26 Despicable me, Bae on August 2, August 9 Monsters University, and August 16 Aladdin. The tickets were distributed for free and the movies were showing at 10:30 am and 7:30 pm. THE State Theater is an ancient place which is located in New Jersey and Sam Boraie together with the Providence Bank decided to use the premises to give the young and their families to enjoy their summer as they watch the movies series as well summer camps.

According to his website boraie.com the Vice President of Boraie; Hiam Boraie said that they were thrilled to make the announcement and to provide the opportunity for the young people and their families to enjoy the summer. The Providence Bank was also not left out in experiencing their gratitude as well as their happiness. Jane Kurek is the Executive Director of the bank she said that their organization was glad that they were able to make the movies series are watching free as they made the summer enjoyable for everyone. The State Theater Vice President of Development & Strategic Partnership; Anna Marie Gewirtz mentioned that the theater was happy to bring back the free movies. Anna continued to say the primary mission of the State Theater is to deliver family-friendly movie series all around the year. Anna believes that with the help offered by both Boraie and Providence Bank the State Theater will be able to accomplish their mission of reaching families through free movies series.

Boraie Development is a real estate organization. You can visit Central Jersey Working Moms for more.

The development firm has been delivering their services as well as products for more than 30 years. The construction firm has been distributing their products and services in Central Jersey servicing their long-term clients who include; residential as well as commercial specialist, home warranties, computerized MLS, Townhomes and Condos, commercial departments, National and referral systems, complimentary, full-service offices among others. Ever since the creation of the construction organization, the firm has built a strong relationship with their clients who include their brokers. Boraie values their clients and take their challenges as their own. Visit boraie.com for more

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Boraie Development Is Overcoming The Real Estate Lows In New Jersey

New Jersey has one of the densest populations in the United States with the most mortgages in foreclosure. Lawrence Yun is the Realtor Chief Economist and believes a wide enough gap between housing demands and housing supplies has the potential to become a housing emergency. There is a lot of speculation regarding the number of homes being auctioned despite the pace of new home sales. The implication suggests a bottleneck is dissolving causing thousands of new properties to become available on the market. The urgency to sell these properties quickly may cause the current situation in New Jersey to worsen. For more information on these developments please read the article available athttp://www.phillypurge.com/2017/06/22/boraie-development-new-jerseys-most-sought-after-residences/. According to Central Jersey Working Moms economic reports real estate in New Jersey is expected to appreciate causing selling conditions to see a future improvement. Many vacant homes are still not available on the current market since the owners are waiting for an increased gain.

The New Jersey real estate market has been severely damaged since the Great Depression ended. Despite this there are towns that have excellent demands for housing as well as substantial inventories. Almost all of the towns in New Jersey are getting ready for developments to drastically change and thousands of new apartments to be built. These particular cities have watched prices skyrocket for the past several months. The most obvious trend in New Jersey is the increased access to transit. All of the towns whose real estate market is not impaired are close to the NJ Transit station. Most individuals in the market for a home see this as an attraction and an amazing draw. Capital Economists has made a prediction that the real estate markets will change because the lower cost of housing will cause more homes to become available on the market. Housing demands are also expected to rise due to more and more new jobs becoming available. Mortgage rates have remained low leading to more available credit. This is expected to help with the housing boom in New Jersey. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for the details.

Omar Boraie provides a wide variety of services in the Urban Real estate market. This includes sales, marketing, property management and real estate development. Their team has unwavering dedication into building properties that are spectacular. Their clients receive service that is unparalleled. They only work with architects who have shown vision, contracts who understand and respect deadlines and financial institutions with strength. For more information regarding Boraie Development please visit http://www.boraie.com/company.

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The Secret Behind the Growth of Healthcare Service Provider

InnovaCare Healthcare service in U.S provider of physician practice services and Medicare Advantage plans .It ensures on making sure that its employees are made up of a team that is of qualified professionals so as to ensure the company is growing and it’s stable. They offer their clients primary avenues, they help patients by offering the reputable services.

The success of InnovaCare can be credited to Rick Shinto. He believes in offering good working relationships, having clear vision and proper communication and also believes in transparency. Their mission is to redefine the management of healthcare in today’s world of health care.

Rick Shinto is the president of InnovaCare. His career debuted in Southern California as an intern. He later moved as Medical Management’s Vice President which after that he served as Chief Medical Officer in Orange County’s Cal Optima Health Plan. Before joining InnovaCare he worked at NAMM California. He attained his M.B.A at University of Redlands, he graduated in medical degree at the State University of New York after he had graduated from University of California with a B.S. His many years of technical experience and leadership in clinical healthcare and operations is what has made InnovaCare to be successful.

Know more: https://templeofthecave.com/innovacare-health-rick-shinto/

Dr. Shinto is credited for bringing change and making InnovaCare Health be a successful company. He has worked for InnovaCare Health since 2008 while Penelope Kokkinides worked as the administrative officer .His success is attributed to him being a business savvy, his long experience, desire to improve situations, honesty and inspiring people in the company to give their all. He has ensured that doctor’s consultation fee is affordable which has made them to have many customers. Their use of technology is what has made the organization to offers cheap services with high quality without experiencing losses. This has made many people prefer InnovaCare over insurance companies in health sector.

Under Dr Shinto leadership, the company has managed care for over 270,000 commercial members and 275,000 beneficiaries this is because of their innovative models. Their top most priority is their patients, they ensure that they provide quality and innovative services .They make sure that there is continuous development in innovation services and network models.

Rick Shinto professional commitment and innovation, has made him receive Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award. The honor is given to executives who stand out in areas of commitment in communities and companies, financial results and innovation. Read more at phppgads.com about Rick Shinto.

Sam Boraie Changes Old New Jersey Stereotypes by Spurring New Growth

For many years, there has been a lot of misconception about New Jersey. This is particularly true in cities like Newark, Atlantic City, among others where people have made jokes about these cities by calling them waste dumps, concrete jungles with pollution, a place with a lot of factories and old buildings with bad smells that come off the turnpike/I-95, the list goes on and on.

Then, there was the hit MTV show Jersey Shore which did nothing to create a better image for New Jersey. Instead, it reinforced certain stereotypes that the media loves to portray about an extremely tiny subculture that exists within the state. Of course, this was done in order to keep their ratings high and keep viewers watching. It also does not help that many screenwriters who come from other places show a lot of ignorant prejudice about New Jersey whenever it is portrayed on TV shows and movies.

Sam Boraie is helping to Change the Misconception

The honest truth is that New Jersey is one of the most beautiful and diverse states in America. Many of the misconceptions that are attributed to the state are derived from being located next to New York. It is unfortunate that New York has outsourced many unattractive aspects of industrialization to New Jersey.

In contrast, New Jersey is actually more suburban and affluent with some of the best schools and universities in the country. What used to be a place in the doldrums is now modernized and exquisite.

Sam Boraie, vice president of Boraie Development LLC, is following a vision his father Omar started over 45 years ago when he first saw the potential for real estate development in New Jersey. Popular cities like Newark, New Brunswick, Atlantic City, Milltown, among others are all experiencing a new surge in development and revitalization thanks to the efforts of Sam Boraie and his investors, more info can be found on Crunchbase.com.

According to Bloomberg, here are some examples of ongoing projects:

The Aspire, New Brunswick, New Jersey

Located just steps away from New Brunswick Train Station which conveniently takes residents in and out of New York City, The Aspire provides luxury living with 238 residential units and 10,000 square feet of retail space that includes neighborhood dining, shopping, and nightlife.

The Beach at South Inlet, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Revitalizing the South Inlet section of Atlantic City which sat undeveloped for decades, Sam is changing the face of Atlantic City by providing luxury living with 250 residential units that are located just steps away from the famous boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean.

One Rector Street, Newark, New Jersey

According to PR News, this was the first high-rise built in the city since 1960 which offers market rate residential living and 8500 square feet of retail space.

Milltown Ford Avenue Redevelopment

This is the first new development project in Milltown in over 60 years which will create a renaissance for this beautiful city to include 324 unit townhomes and condominiums.

A True Visionary

New Jersey is not what it used to be and it is definitely not what you see on TV and movies. Thanks to ongoing developments by Sam Boraie, he has become a true visionary by re-creating the image of New Jersey while destroying old stereotypes through his exemplary efforts to spur new growth and developments in the state.

Read more: https://www.statetheatrenj.org/board-of-trustees

Some of the remarkable contributions of Mikhail Blagosklonny in the field of medicine

One scientist who has been seen to study cancer and aging is Mikhail Blagosklonny. When it comes to education Mikhail has a Ph.D. in cardiology and experimental medicine and an MD in Internal Medicine.

He was a student of the First Pavlov State Medical University located in St. Petersburg, and this is where he graduated with his honors. Apart from studying cancer and aging, he is also a professor of oncology in one of New York’s Institute, Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Before working at Roswell Park, Mikhail Blagosklonny worked with the New York Medical College in the year 2002 as an associate professor. Later, he took a role of senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute. He continued working with Ordway for nearly seven years before joining Roswell as a professor.

Getting Strong resorted that when it comes to studying cancer, Mikhail Blagosklonny majorly focuses on cancer therapy which is seen to protect the healthy cells from being damaged.

In the role of TOR signaling, Mikhail Blagosklonny has formulated a theory of fighting cancer and slowing the aging process. According to his theory, he argues that using a drug called rapamycin helps in the dealing with the aging process. Rapamycin is a cancer drug that Mikhail has advocated passionately from his extensive research.

According to Nature.com, Mikhail Blagosklonny has a life outside his research as an editor in chief of Aging, which is a medical journal which is peer-reviewed. The medical journal majorly focuses on senescence gerontology and mechanisms of aging.

Apart from Aging, he is also an editor in chief at Cell Cycle which is a biweekly journal majorly focusing on cell biology and reviewed by peers. Mikhail is known for having authored more than two hundred articles.

He has also made tremendous contributions in his research into a variety of field such as cellular biology and molecular. With his passion, he believes he will one day have answers to all his questions including aging and cancer.

James Dondero Gets New Responsibilities

The co-founder and president Highland Capital Management, James Dondero was recently appointed the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School of Business as an Executive of its Board. This appointment broadens his company’s commitment to SMU that includes its economic assistance to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

The Cox school is known for its contribution to the business community in Dallas of which Highland with Management is among the beneficiaries. The Board at SMU Cox has about 100 appointed members who are advisers relating to the strategies of the business school.

James Dondero Is the President and CEO of Highland Capital Management which is an investment adviser registered with SEC. In addition to that, James Dondero is also the Chairman of Nexbank, Cornerstone Healthcare, NexPoint residential Trust and CCS Medical.

James Dondero co-founded Highlands with Mark Okada in 1993 and has grown and expanded its affiliates which have assets worth about $16 billion. The company is among the largest and most experienced in terms of credit management.

James Dondero currently lives in Dallas, TX and has over 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets. He co-founded Highland Capital to offer a solution in the credit market in the development of the Collateralized Loan Obligation market for institutions and retail investors in the whole world. Learn more about James Dondero: http://dallaslinks.com/highland-capital-powerhouse-president-james-dondero/

Mr. Dodero is well known for his philanthropic activities which span in the fields of education, public policy formulation and veteran affairs. Previously, as a Chief Development Officer, he helped to bail out Protective life to over $2 Billion in the period between 1989-1993.

James was a Corporate Bond Analyst and a Portfolio Manager at American Express, a well-known company in the financial sector. In 1984, he became an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty training program.

He is also a graduate of the University of Virginia and also has honors from the McIntyre School of Commerce with majors in Accounting and Finance.