Taking A Look At The Historian

Born in Washington D.C., Michael Zomber holds a bachelor degree with honors in English Literature and Psyhcology and a master’s degree in English Literature from UCLA. More than his pride in his accomplishments Zomber enjoys sharing his knowledge with other people.

One of the greatest ways for him to share his experiences with the world is through the History Channel. Historian Michael Zomber has been featured on the History Channel’s Tales of the Guns series which have mini series that include Guns of the famous, guns of the orient, dueling pistols, shotguns, automatic pistols and million dollar guns. Zomber is also recognized in Japan on Japanese samurai swords. More than his passion for antique arms and armor he is a fantastic novelist.

Zomber has written more than a dozen screenplays and numerous historic novels including Sweet Betsy Thats Me: A Child of the Civil War, Shogun Iemitsu, and Jesus and the Samurai, a non-fiction work. All the novels are currently in print. Although Zomber has a strong passion for writing he is well known for his critically acclaimed documentary film Soul of the Samurai which he produced with his Wife, Andrea, by their self owned company called Renascent Films LLC.

Furthermore he enjoys spending time with his family and has maintained his core beliefs that have been his ultimate drive in his career.