Securus Technologies Is the Key to Safety Inside a Dangerous Prison

Each day I put on my uniform and head to work at the local prison is an adventure to say the least. These inmates have developed some very unique ways to acquire drugs and make weapons, and if we turn our back for a second, we could be on our way to the emergency room. To keep things as safe as possible, my team relies heavily on technology to maintain order.


One thing we do each day is scan both inmates and guests through a device that can detect anything illegal on their person. If the items are not found, then they can easily get into the general population and make trouble for anyone behind the prison walls. We even follow-up on these scans with cell inspections throughout the day. If we do find anything, it is quickly taken out of the hands of the inmates.


When Securus Technologies presented us with their inmate call monitoring system, we were not even close to realizing how vital an asset this piece of software would be in our efforts to make our jail safer for inmates, officers, staff, and even the guests. Securus Technologies has their call monitoring system in a few thousand jails already, and the company CEO says they plan more this year. The employees of that company all have one objective in mind, making this world safer for each of us.


Once the system was in place and running, we have been able to finally maintain a degree of order unlike recent years. If the LBS software detects inmates talking about drugs, we can move in. If the software detects information about fighting or weapons, we can separate the parties. Being able to take proactive measures has really changed the ways the inmates even consider doing any illegal behind bars.


A Safer World; Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a company that offers comprehensive, full-cycle crime management. The number one purpose of this company is this: building a safer world for everyone, from the investigator to the inmate. By offering their extensive and streamlined services, they play a key role in crime prevention.

Fundamental to their services is their software. Accurate information and effective communication is key when dealing quickly with a problem. Intricate technologies and massive databases are utilized to aid in getting vital information to the right people, allowing crime to be prevented or managed justly. Their technologies facilitate an integrated approach that allows crime to be managed from the first to the last step, preventing gaps and errors.

Inmates also are considered with this company, in that process such as visitations and grievances are streamlined, as well as monitored. This ensures increased safety for all parties involved. By allowing a secure environment for the inmate, family and staff, the inmates are able to feel connected and loved, further preventing outbreaks and crime recurrence. When an inmate is given the opportunity reintegrated into society, Securus technologies makes this a safe process with the most advanced monitoring services. In addition, they recognize the community as an important resource for their services, enabling a member to communicate a problem effectively.

Overall, Securus Technologies has been successful in providing a safe and effective justice system. Many people in many different positions have benefited from the services they offer. Utilization of different monitoring systems have foraged out the use of contraband in a plethora of facilities. Communities have been protected by allowing accurate follow ups to different reports. Their technologies have even aided in rooting out corruption. Through their constant vigilance to keep their vision in sharp focus, we can all sleep a little more soundly at night.



Securus Corrects Errors in a Statement issued by Global Tel Link

Securus Technologies recently published a report addressing the inaccuracies that were published by Global Tel Link (GTL). Securus Technologies is known for its efficient civil and criminal justice services. Its services also target public safety officers, investigators, and correctional facilities. In mid-2016, GTL released multiple statements on the ineffectiveness of Securus Technologies’ services. For instance, GTL alleged that they intend to proceed to court to sue Securus over a patent ownership. In response to the allegations, Securus pointed out that GTL had no evidence to back their claims.


Global Tel Link also alleged that Securus misused the video visitation technology as documented under the ‘816 patent. In response to the allegation, Securus distanced itself from any infringement of technologies owner by GTL. The company also pointed out that GTL’s acts of releasing inaccurate statements were due to frustrations. According to Securus, GTL is aware that Patent litigation cases usually take time and money. Securus questioned the litigation approach used by GTL in filing for the patent lawsuit.


As CEO, he stated that his company has an extensive patent portfolio. Richard also said that his company is ready to counter any questionable tactics used by GTL. Richard stated that his company would continue to identify and rectify all inaccuracies in press releases issued by GTL.


Securus’ Background


As a Dallas-based company, Securus has a client base of over 3,000 institutions and 1.2 million inmates. These clients come from the Northern American region. The company’s mission is to connect its customers with reliable services. These services include biometric analysis, public information, and incident management. Securus ensures its products and services adhere to the latest technology. The Better Business Bureau accredited Securus Technologies for its technology-oriented and sustainable services.