Why Cotemar Remains Unshaken in the Mexican Energy Sector

Cotemar is a leading firm located in Campeche, Mexico. It uses its advanced vessels to develop offshore oil fields on Kompass.com. It carries out maintenance of both process centers and platforms based in offshore facilities, including semi-submersible platforms. The firm ensures operation of offshore facilities is running smoothly by offering catering and accommodation services. Food, state-of-the-art equipment, and people are transported using the highly specialized boats. Cotemar has built a solid portfolio of service since its launch in 1979.

Lines of Operation

Cotemar pursues its mission of developing and strengthening the Mexican energy sector by offering services through three tactical lines, consisting of highly specialized services.

1. Construction, upgrading, and maintenance

Cotemar specializes in modernizing its clients’ processing centers at http://saladecomunicacion.cotemar.com.mx/ and platforms by leveraging its highly competent engineers, groundbreaking construction techniques, and advanced equipment. The firm provides engineering and modernization services of the high quality by using semi-submersible positioning platforms that can move swiftly from one complex to the next.

2. Sophisticated and marine support vessels

Cotemar uses its specialized boats to transport employees, light materials, and foodstuffs. It also has fire-fighting vessels that are used to respond to fire emergencies in offshore facilities. It transports heavy structures such as cranes using tow ships and barges.

3. Food and lodging

Cotemar offers food and lodging services on the ships and platforms it operates on Cotemar.com.mx. These services range from food preparation, cleaning, and ironing, to cleaning of staterooms and other common areas.

Commitment to corporate social responsibility

Cotemar receives numerous compliments and positive reviews from clients across the globe due to its solid commitment to social responsibility. It focuses on the well-being of its stakeholders, employees, customers, and community. It avails employment sources, which develop and strengthen the human potential. The company runs unique programs such industrial safety, education, sport, equity, and health that foster the development of its workers and their families. It encourages teamwork within the workplace by organizing numerous team-building events. Cotemar creates job opportunities, promote culture, and improve the quality of health care as a strategy for strengthening the community.

Cotemar advocates for environmental safety and sustainability. It strictly observes guidelines that are highly likely to promote environmental sustainability. The firm supports its sustainable operations organization and enlightens people on how to take care of the environment through ideal practices that minimize adverse effects on the environment.