Arthur Becker – Investor Gone Developer

Mr Arthur Becker is a tech mogul who has been the man behind the funding of some of the largest developers in the city such as Michael Stern, Robert Gladstone and Kevin Maloney. However, Mr Arthur Becker will be signing his own name on a new project – a condominium project, more information on this can be found on

Mr Arthur Becker is planning to build a building with eight units. The location of this new project is 465 Washington Street in a city called Tribeca. The project has the first sellout amounting t as much as $52 million and a half. In a recent interview, the investor who has also become a developer shared some bits of information about his first real estate development project. The interior design of the building will be done by Paris Forino who is renowned for his classic taste and chic designs. The building is planned to be Artisanal in style. For more details you can visit his website Arthurbeckerstudio.

After the completion of the eight-unit building, 465 Washington will sport seven simplex apartments as well as nd one penthouse duplex. The range of space is between 2 000 square feet and 4 000 square feet. As far as prices go, it will be anywhere starting $2 200 per square foot and will go up to $3 200 pt square foot. The unit s of the pent house will vary between five million dollars up to fourteen million dollars.

Mr Arthur Becker purchased the property in 2012 for $6.1 million. It previously belonged to Peter Moore who went from an architect to a developer. Moore desperately needed to sell the property, and Mr Arthur Becker bought it before the competition got the sight could make a move.

The building at 465 Washington Street was originally four stories and but Mr Arthur Becker will be adding a few more to turn into a building with ten floors. In order to make that happen Mr Arthur Becker also purchased an adjacent building for a few million dollars that are located at 471 Washington. The project on 465 Washington Street is scheduled to be completed it a few years, but the exact date is unknown for now.

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