Soul of the Samurai’s Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber has a passion for history, especially antique arms and armor. For more than forty years he has shared what he knows with the world, even making guest appearances on History Channel’s Tales of the Gun Series. Around the world he is known as the person to ask when it comes to Japanese samurai swords.

Soul of the Samurai

He produced a movie called Soul of the Samurai in 2005. It was a documentary that he made along with his wife through there own Renascent Films LLC. They took an in depth look at the traditions, honor, and legends of ancient samurai. A story of their culture and life was not familiar to the majority of the Western World.

More Contributions to the World

Beyond a history buff, weapons expert, and producer, he is also a writer and storyteller. More than a dozen screenplays have been written by him as well as multiple historical novels.

General Information

Michael Zomber and his wife, Andrea, have two children, Christopher and Gabriella. They reside in the outskirts of Philadelphia though he was born in Washington D.C. He received a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Psychology as well as a master’s degree in English Lit from UCLA.

Michael Zomber is a great wealth of information when it comes to antique arms and armor. He has wrote books, screenplays, and even a movie on the subject. Check out Soul of the Samurai to see just a little of his dedication to the field of study.