Jeremy Goldstein’s Dedication to Ethical and Social Responsibility

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In the well-saturated field of law, there’s one attorney who sticks out from the crowd. Jeremy L. Goldstein is an experienced corporate attorney who runs his own practice as a partner. Coming from another prestigious firm, Goldstein is able to focus on the areas that interest him the most and yield the most successful results. Corporate law can be a tough and demanding field requiring much experience, which Goldstein clearly has. He’s handled not only topics like wage negotiations but also mergers and acquisitions for some of the country’s largest corporations. He’s also advised business and law students on how to handle such matters, clearly standing out as an expert.


Not only has Jeremy Goldstein handled huge cases, he dedicates his time and devotion to charity work as well. Being the director for nearly a decade, his involvement in helping those with mental illness is certainly an admirable cause. He’s also worked with larger and more well-known charities, also in a leadership capacity. Not only does Goldstein use his skills to help in the legal and business arena, but also helping those in need with little to no resources.

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