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The Provident Bank Foundation together with Boraie Development made the summer one of the most interesting ones. The two organizations and the state Theater made an announcement about the return of free movies as well as series in the theater. The firms organized the movies which were featured in the series and the days they fun will watch. The movies were arranged as follows; July 12 Frozen, the Extra-Terrestrial (E.T) on July 19, July 26 Despicable me, Bae on August 2, August 9 Monsters University, and August 16 Aladdin. The tickets were distributed for free and the movies were showing at 10:30 am and 7:30 pm. THE State Theater is an ancient place which is located in New Jersey and Sam Boraie together with the Providence Bank decided to use the premises to give the young and their families to enjoy their summer as they watch the movies series as well summer camps.

According to his website the Vice President of Boraie; Hiam Boraie said that they were thrilled to make the announcement and to provide the opportunity for the young people and their families to enjoy the summer. The Providence Bank was also not left out in experiencing their gratitude as well as their happiness. Jane Kurek is the Executive Director of the bank she said that their organization was glad that they were able to make the movies series are watching free as they made the summer enjoyable for everyone. The State Theater Vice President of Development & Strategic Partnership; Anna Marie Gewirtz mentioned that the theater was happy to bring back the free movies. Anna continued to say the primary mission of the State Theater is to deliver family-friendly movie series all around the year. Anna believes that with the help offered by both Boraie and Providence Bank the State Theater will be able to accomplish their mission of reaching families through free movies series.

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